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Welcome Letter To Bank Customer

Welcome letter to Bank Customer

Dear Mr. XXX (Account Holder Name),

This is a formal letter to invite you as new customer to our Bank _______ (Bank name). We are very happy that you made an account in our bank to your firm. We are highly dependent on our clients, as we have only genuine customers in our Bank. Everyone knows the way of approach that we maintain between our clients and that can be reason we get numerous new clients every day. We like to satisfy our clients by giving lots of benefits and special offers. We only follow several rules for the loan process and we want our clients to stay back with us ever. We only show interest on giving prosperity. You don’t get worried about delayed process from our side. We maintain an effective system and everything is pre-planned so there is no way for getting problems in this. Because of you are our premium customer and we are not interested in giving up. I personally give concern on your business deals so this will be sent to the concerned board of management to authorize what you seek. We are very much thankful for your patience and if you do wish any transaction, we can do support it also.

For banking sector, clients are the backbone so we are giving high priority to all our clients. I know you are the most valuable one so we have some plans to guide and help you. If you are highly interested, we can also support you by divulging some latest offers and plans. To know anything more, you atleast call us or come directly for the meeting. Since the branch is small, yet we can serve you the best. We can come to your office at any time when you seek for the meeting, if not sufficient, you can also arrange meeting in any public place. For the right time, you will ever need, so do it in the best manner. To make it more user-friendly, we can optimize the possibilities from our side. First we will work out from our side and divulge it to you mean time. On the other hand we are activating your company account with whatever you have requested from ourside. Honesty and Accuracy are the terms we want to maintain and these two factors bring people to our bank, you are also the one attracted with these two factors.

Yours truly,


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