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Welcome Letter To a New Employee

Sample Welcome letter to a New Employee

Dear Mr. John,Herewith, we would like to welcome you to our company “XXX Pvt Ltd” and your position will be senior Manager in our firm. I hope you will enjoy your duties and flourish your role in our firm. I have heard so much about your service nature and dedication, hence you are here as senior manager in our firm. We are so excited to work with you and even I hope we will meet unexpected growth while we worktogether as a team. This could be a right move in this tough time of our company working along with such senior person like you

In our company we have many dedicated and loyal people those who work for betterment in their life and as well as for company’s welfare. Though they have targets and deadlines, they never get bored by thinking all these. Employees of our firm are also a part of our company growth those who are with us all time – good/bad. Despite, you are a new employee holding senior position of our firm, you can expect lots of respects and regards from our employees. We are always with you to clarify any doubts regarding our firm activities. Let me also ask my team member to submit the reports and records which you needed.

We also have a plan of conducting training sessions to our new employees. I am pleased to invite for the sessions, it will be really useful to know the latest activities of our firm. I have already read your recent articles in India Today that was awesome. Kindly give us new ideas to improve our skills and knowledge. We are very proud that you will be our senior manager and I could feel hereafter our company will get amazing growth with your grand support, as we expected it forever.I have already sent you the appointment letters via email and I am willing to send it via postal. Kindly give me your address. If possible send your address to my phone number or you can send it via email ID. On behalf of sending your honors, I am asking your address so please do it soon. We also planned to arrange a welcome party to welcome you and the venue details will be sent to you soon. Kindly accept my honors and attend the premium party along with your family members.

Yours truly,


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