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Sample Welcome Letter To Business Visitor

Sample Welcome letter to Business Visitor

Dear Mr. Anil,

On behalf of your interest made on our company deal, we want to invite you to visit our manufacturing company located in _____(area name). Generally we don’t arrange any visits and we have a good name in the market so business visits are not required for clients any time. We only focus on giving our full quality and even we can put efforts to do it. To deliver quality products we may have to sacrifice many things in our day to day life. We are gifted with our employees and they are even ready for working hard even at the tough times. Sometimes our senior employees are not going to their home only to complete the pending works in our office. We just liked to share it you, still you are interested in visiting our business activities so you are welcome at any time. We are eager for the first business visit, since we don’t allow such meets. You are our valuable client and you did many projects with us and made our bond stronger. I hope the forthcoming visit will be for the next project so soon I am expecting your confirmation on this.

Only when you acknowledge, I can arrange for the further. I should get the approval from the management and only by this I can carry out the whole. Herein with I also request you to bring important documents while coming. To take any decision, your co-operation is vital. It is obvious that you are perfect in everything. I don’t have rights to interrupt on your endeavours so it is better to give me all necessary information that I needed. Once I get you reach over phone, it will be foremost better. If possible, kindly arrange a phone call for me to clarify all my doubts. I hope you will do all these very soon and at the same time we are in the position of arranging all facilities for our clients. We are happy to serve our clients so please give the arrival details so that I can arrange for the stay on the same date which you prefer. We can also get ready for transport and other facilities for our clients so please be an informer of all such details. You can call me at any time through the office landline numbers and if you want, you can also contact me on my mobile numbers for conversation.


Yours truly,


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