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Sample Welcome Letter To Business Meeting

Sample Welcome letter to Business Meeting

Dear Mr. Sharuk,

We would like to invite you for our company delicates meeting which will be held on forthcoming Thursday and we have arranged a Gala Meeting not only for our board members and also for the delicates belonging to our firm. We wish you to attend the meeting and give your presence in this occasion. This is too formal meeting, anyhow we are interested in getting your arrival for this occasion. We have planned the venue in the Ocean Spray Resort and there you will have more enjoyment and fun-filled events also conducted by our company. You are most welcome to this occasion along with your family. Amongst your busy schedules, we want you to give a little time for the participation. I hope this will be a time for you to relax and there you will have a great time to enjoy and to share. We want to get ready for the next successful business year and for such promotion, this meeting can be the first step. Hope you will enjoy and never neglect this for any personal cause. The whole venue will be having separate divisions and we want to exhibit all our productions so we like to arrange an exhibition in the same date with all our recent publications. Interested people can join in that and rest can attend the cultural activities going to be held on the other division. With prior planning, we are getting ready for the same but we want your co-operation.

We are looking to execute in the best manner. Since this is the first time we are planning out for such celebration with delegates meeting, there is no surprise that we can expect the whole will be a hit of the current year. We have blocked rooms for only elite people and on behalf of such process, we want your perception on this. You are supposed to inform that your date of arrival and how many people are going to come. All these details are important that I need it at least within two days. To get it done with no flaws, we are on the process day and night. Restlessly we are working for the preceding meeting so please give me the details about your presence soon. I know you can take your own time and confirm me even via email before Tuesday. For any emergencies call me directly, I will be available all the time at any of our official numbers.

Yours truly,


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