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Sample Welcome Letter To Basketball Parents

Sample Welcome letter to Basketball Parents

Dear Parents,

I am Martin Zuckerberg coach of Berth’s 5th Basketball Team and I welcome you all for the new team inauguration. The program of 5th Basketball Team inauguration will be held this month and we would like to invite you to join along with us to give strength to the entire team. The ceremony is quite excitement to our entire school and we want to beautify our institution by adding victories. I want your son/daughter must bring out their talents and this is the right time of exhibit all such talents. Every year we compete with many school teams in our city but only Basketball team of our school won every time. We have experienced success many times with our students and so this is so prestigious for us to succeed this time also. The very intention of expecting your students for participation is for their growth personally and academically. We are in the position of achieving this kind of great success to our Basketball Team of our school so that we could be a better student of this school and this is the duty of every student. Being a person, we should atleast try to achieve something for ourselves/family/school/college. This kind of proposal is not sent to everyone. We have a selection committee and they take in-charge of selecting right people for our team. We work for our school and work towards achieving good name as the successful team.

Winning in sports is like an extra feather added with your children to beautify them in front of the society. We would like to invite parents also for the ceremony and we hope this can be the encouragement to pupil. We encourage volunteers for these events and they are helpful to reach the goal. Training sessions are also given to them to make them well-trained. In order to improve the quality of teams, we give priority to everyone who joins with us. If you are really concerned about your children’s career, you can ask all your doubts directly with us. You can call or mail us to know more about this regard. Maybe you have some extra interests, you are welcome to our department at any time you wish. I assure the sportsmanship of your children along with the great experience in the game of basketball. We just want you to enjoy or participate. Come and Join with us to have good time!

Yours truly,


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