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Sample Welcome Letter To Baseball Parents

Sample Welcome letter to Baseball Parents

Dear Parents,

This is Thomas coach of 8th annual Baseball of New York City. We recruit people those who eligible for this game. We already tested student’s ability and only after such evaluation, we are planned to select only few people. I am glad to inform that your son is being selected for our team and he is having eligibility to becoming the best Baseball player. Baseball is quite simple game and fun-loving children will like this game and also they can increase their skills and have lots of friends. This kind of games will give positive experience to them and they will never give up anything in their life. We work like a team and support the inexperienced people to gain knowledge in this field. As I am the team coach, I am having many goals for my team members. I would also like to give special training for them to pick up. If you are concerned about anything, kindly inform me as soon as possible. I know you will have different expectations from your children but you should also encourage and motivate their in-built parents. Of course your son is very much interested that we know it very well but they also expect encouragement from their parents, coach and also from friends.

Simply interests on this game will never work out and lots of training and practices have to be done for increasing the level in any game. Practical knowledge is more than what they require and this is given by our institution only for the eligible and interested students. We also give high priority for the opinions of their parents more than children’s opinions. Training sessions educate children to improve their skill set in specific area and at the same time they are nourished with confidence. Importantly we mean to separate children those who are eligible to the game with right level of confidence and skill set. For natural growth and confidence, children seek more training sessions and when you encourage them in participating competitions, they will get natural growth. Hence undertaking competitions are healthy aspects to get progressive development. We have planned to teach fundamentals for students and likewise we again conduct sessions until they compete and this how we can make them trained well. I like to request your co-operation to improve your children skill-set and confidence to becoming eligible person for getting sportsmanship in baseball in New York.


Yours truly,


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