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Sample Welcome Letter To Baby

Sample Welcome letter to Baby

Dear Sweety,

Hope you fine my dear sweetheart. This week I will be coming to Washington to meet you. While coming, I will bring gifts and toys. Firstly I should say sorry that I missed you to met last week. Of course I had planned last week to meet you but I hadn’t, since I was little busy. Though I had thought of meeting you many times, but all of them were failed. Since you are so little, you can’t understand about all these but I only work for you which you have to keep this in your mind. People should be cool-minded in these tough times, although all your lonely moments will give you the feel of separation. When you get this feel of isolation, you have to think like mummy sitting beside you or you can call me when you think too much about me. Mummy wishes her baby should get all happiness in her life so I have to work more. You can share everything to your dad, he will be more friendly than me. The feel of separation will be with you only when you have nothing to do. I am giving cool tips that you can follow while sitting. You can just do some drawings while you are free, otherwise you can commit yourselves with anything which you like.

Special occasions and special things will never ask you for the presence. It comes directly to your life and goes without asking your permission. For any such aspect, you shouldn’t get addicted. I love you and you have the same love and affection on me so for the perfect relationship and rationale, we don’t need meetings. Nothing will break the bond of love. To make it strong, we have to prove it with this kind of living. You can call me even at the night time and I am always with you in your sadness and happiness. When daddy came from office, you can have fun with him. He will bring you somewhere to make it full of fun. This month end, a new theme park is going to be opened in our locality so you can enjoy every week end in that theme park along with your friends. Since you are crossing your 13th age of year, you will also be given freedom of violating the restrictions that you had formerly.

Yours truly,


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