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Sample Welcome Letter To a New Client

Sample Welcome letter to a New Client

Dear Mr. Prabhu Nepal,

We are pleased to welcome you to our company________ (company name). We already aware all about your firm’s reputation and we are regardful on that ever since. To meet growth, we wish to have tie-up with your grand company and we are happy that you also have same thought and accepted our obligation. Finding loyal clients are not easy and it may take more years but you made us happy that we have found you this much soon. We prepare ourselves to meet your expectations and this can be a good venture that we want to maintain for long time. We have good will in this field and our aim is to maintain our history with same consistency. Quality is more important and we like to still enhancing it. Health care products are risky business, though we do it perfectly. We hope that you aware all about quality of products. Only when we presumed to maintain quality within our products, we don’t mind any lose that we had sometimes. Every matter of delivery, I personally came and check the products to meet optimum quality. Employees of our firm are also fully concerned and put their hard works in it. The company with great exposure exports our health care products to Japan and Indonesia customers.

The formula and other technical strategies are maintained confidentially that we don’t want to reveal for any cause and we are very confident that no one can make a replica of our health care products. We are strictly opponent against all those duplicate and malicious activities. With interest of maintaining consistent operations, we operate important proceedings only with senior most employees of our concern. We arrange parties and events for gathering and get-togethers. Our company is functioning like a family and we wish the same buildup also from our clients. We give full freedom to our clients and they can ask anything. Apart from divulging several confidential matters, we are here to give warm guidance to all our clients. If you wish, you can visit our premises directly. To know fully about our firm, you have to visit atleast once. We assure that we never confined with delayed delivery and we are in the process of preparing agreements for our venture and this month end we are working on the start-up process.

Yours truly,


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