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Sample Welcome Letter To a Conference

Sample Welcome letter to a Conference

Dear All, I would like to convey that Our Company got profits this financial year so that we like to celebrate this in Prestige Resorts of San Francisco. Our Board members decided this can be a vacation trip or event for few days, yet this is not decided but expecting your opinion so kindly pole your opinion in our company website for the further decisions. Herein this I would like to share the merits of both plans and when you going through these points, you will come to know what is to select. Anyhow forthcoming event will be celebrated in Prestige Resorts or the decision may get change in some other way. Only after the polling, we could decide in which way we can go on. Your opinions are the most important thing and you all the way need to register your comments in social networking sites. We will monitor until we decide. Only with the maximum numbers of opinions, we will go on. If you want to have celebration, you will no way expect trips further. You can’t expect the celebration for more days and also event will be arranged only within San Francisco. Generally event will have some activities like dancing, speech and informal night buffet and you will enjoy party experience. Everything can’t be mentioned here and you can get more from the parties which you will come to know soon.

Yearly meeting will also have some motivational speech and you will take more advantages from the meeting will encourage your learning and adhere with you with company information and plans in future. Mrs. Ruth Londin will take sessions so you will definitely get excitement out of her speech. This event is planned for employees of all branches of our firm so you will meet your colleagues all together in same place. You are given chances of proving yourself and you can participate in any activity conducted by our organization. Based on your performance in employment, you can also expect motivational gifts and this is only revealed when you present in this event. We want you to invite delightfully and it is fine, if you come along with your friends and family members. Such events are never come often but when it comes, you just make it use for enjoying it fruitfully. You can contact me at any time for further queries, if not just report your feedbacks and opinions via email or SMS. I always welcome your queries and I will just go with your choice of selection because the celebration is for you all, especially. Yours truly, _________.

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