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Sample Welcome Letter To a Company

Sample Welcome letter to a Company

Dear Mr. Richard,

I would like to invite you as HR Manager to our company and we are very much excited that you are coming to join this month end. We wish the same excitement also from your side. We are delightfully welcome you to our company and the post for which you have been appointed is a kind of critical job and you will have to do more for making it satisfied. Staff members of HR department will report to you and they are taking care all activities of our firm. The same way you will avail more responsibilities of controlling the regularities of our firm. We have more respects and honors on you and we also recommend you to take this position with care and concern about our company. After the heavy competition for the same post, you are selected for this job and only after scrutinizing your ability, we have appointed. I personally suggest this post only for you, since I knew more about you. I hope you will be the suitable person for this job and our entire firm likes to welcome you.

Generally people will be welcomed, when they get job offers from our company. HR department will care all these, yet I am the most prideful personality of welcoming the senior person as HR manager to our company. I know your experiences are strong and none other than you are fit enough to this job. I personally have many doubts and queries to ask. I hope you will have definite answers for all these. I supposed to learn more because I am going to work along with you. We are gifted because we got such a package of talents as a colleague. I hope you will be joining on 31st of this month and it comes on Monday so Monday is a day of prosperous where I should be there in office at 9’o clock so that I can be ready for welcoming you. We are planning for the welcome party and it may be held on the same day or any other day of this month. Hopefully you will enjoy the totality. From the words of this letter, you will understand how much happy we are. You made us happy and we want it to be continued for ever with your valuable presence.

Yours truly,


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