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Sample Welcome Letter To a Colleague

Sample Welcome letter to a Colleague

Dear Mrs. Rani,

I welcome you to our company __________(company name). I am happy that you will adjoin with me as one of our team members. I know all about your excitements to work in this company and I assure this will give you long success. I have heard your full details and you are being concerned about your career so this will help you to get growth in your life. You could nurture your skills and knowledge in our company. Possibilities are massively available in this company, especially our team members and team leader are highly talented so we will get lots of challenged to take up. I could understand generally people with the mindset of knowledge enhancement can get tremendous life ahead, only they necessitate right outlet to go ahead. Our company can be the best outlet to make to done all acquirements of your life. Generally people will small companies will have more problems and politics but here no such issues exist in our company. Since we are lucky, we got best opportunity in this firm and I hope you will make it use. We can expect all benefits from our company and it never hurts employees for any cause. Employees are given high priority, since they do their roles sincerely.

You can have more plus points to work in our company. Here you will have loan facilities and whoever can get salary slip and approach banks of private sector to get personal load, housing loan and any sort of load. Since our company is reputed, people will get more from our firm and enjoy their benefits as per they have expected. You will get all holidays and Saturday will be half a day. I know that you have two kids so this opportunity is a golden opportunity can support you financially well-versed and you can also spend your time with your kids and family members. Additionally you can participate in the motivational sessions conducted by our team leader which can make you fresh always. In our company, you will be having training for the latest OS and programming languages to develop the skills of employees. Our management is very friendly and they will accept all our obligations and queries are resolved instantly. They want to maintain a good rapport with their employees so if you find anything, you can report it to them.

Yours truly,


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