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Sample Welcome Letter To a Business Partner

Sample Welcome Letter to a Business Partner

Dear Mr. Vikram,

Firstly, I would like to convey my regards to you and your family and expect blessings from your parents and regards from you ever. I craft this letter to welcome you for our new business and I also wish to convey my tons of happiness that we are business partners of our new handmade paper factory. After many years, we are joining together and I hope this will never get broken. We were thickest friends during our school and college days and after so long time, we met and adjoined together as business partners make me so young and feeling youngster still. This is the right time to prove our skills and talents. We must take a prompt on the success of our business. I have a confidence, with you I can do anything. You could be my strength in my personal and business life. Generally people will criticize friends cannot becoming business partners though they cannot maintain their relationship for a long time. Yet, we have to prove that we can do it by means of business growth. I think we have to start the process from next week onwards. You may have some personal matters and let it done before we start the business.

I am waiting for your reply and soon we should start it to take the next step in our life. I have gone through your proposals and I am very happy that you have done cleverly. Here with I also send some business related documents for your knowledge. Kindly go through everything and give me your feedbacks. Next time we should meet lively and discuss all our business initiations. We will not be getting more revenue at this level, but we have to encourage workforces to deliberate it soon. We should start the recruitment process this weekend will be more helpful. The maximum we can try to have well-known people to help us to bring more success in this venture. I am very confident that we never give up our business without getting profits. Once you arrive in India, please let me know to meet you. Anything if you want to know, reach me through the mail. Of course, I could not reach you over the phone until you come to India. Apart from all these business activities, you must take care of your health which is mandatory than rest.

Yours truly,


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