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Sample Welcome Letter To a Board Member

Sample Welcome letter to a Board Member

Sub:Welcome letter to a Board Member

Dear Mr.Myke,

I would like to thank you for agreeing to serve for our Organization LNT Ltd as one of Board members. We are glad that you will take up in-charge for all responsibilities of Human Research Department of our company from coming 12th of this month. Herewith you can find all the necessary documents as attachment and you have to sign and return them in postal. For your knowledge about the firm, I also attached some materials about the confidential information of our firm and year book for better knowing all achievements done by our company employees. You will find appointment letter and member confidentiality agreement herein with this mail, yet we are about to send you further once after confirmation with other board members. You are also needed to complete several training sessions that are required for the Board member of our organization. We are expecting you to complete the training sessions immediately. You can get all these trainings from other board members Mr. Michael Kors and Mrs. Valeria Lukyanova those who conduct these sessions in main branch of our firm in Washington. We are giving priority to your joining and so our board members those who are very busy make arrangements for you to get trainings. In fact they have many important conferences in this week but they have postponed all that only for welcoming their new Board member. Hope you understand and kindly try to acknowledge your presence immediately.

I have to report this today itself so that they will get ready for the arrival, since they are in Melbourne now. You may wonder “why these people are giving so much of importance in these training sessions”. You will come to know when you attend these sessions. Though you have lot to preach others, the session will give you more. I know that you are very much interested in learning and there is no doubt the session will give you the same what do you want. We have to invite you for the office on the same date mentioned in the appointment letter due to some urgency programmes. In training sessions, you will be directly given full details. I assure you will be gaining more from the session and feeling like you are a student. You can also ask any doubts from them, since they are very friendly and especially they are honored to teach you. They also have some plans that are highly confidential and details will be divulged only to you over the phone. I got just information from Mrs. Valeria Lukyanova regarding this and for further you can get an appointment to talk with them. Kindly inform me, if you have any queries or doubts so that I can inform and get appointment from Mrs. Valeria Lukyanova and Mr. Michael Kors.

Yours truly,


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