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How to Write a Sample letter

Sample Letter To a Son From His/Her Father/Mother/Parents

Sample Letter to a son from His/Her Father/Mother/Parents

Points should be remembered:

In midst of letter you may give some information regarding family matter.

Asking regarding money help.

Expressing hopes for receiving money.

Sample Letter to a son from his/her parents :

Hi My lovely son/daughter,

Hi my dear son/daughter, how are you, hope you fine, how is your life going on. how about your studies, i heard from your mother you asking regarding financial help for going your friend marriage on next week ¬†and you don’t have sufficient money to buy those stuff which you want to buy. I am here for you for any kind of help, after all you are my son/daughter, i am ready to help you any time. We are sure will be able to arrange for you sufficient money.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name).

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