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Sample Letter To a Son/Daughter In Some City/Town

Sample Letter to a Son/Daughter in some City/Town

Points should be remembered:

Discuss about her/his studies and all stuffs such as food, dress and other stuff which you want to ask personally.

Ask about Examination.

write about Hostel infrastructure.

write about Playing games.

write about Regular studies.

write about Asking financial Help.

Accommodation if you cannot manage your hostel accommodation.

Sample letter to a son & daughter in City and Town

Hi Dear,

Hi, My dear son/daughter hope you enjoying your studies as well as your life. How’s your life is going on nowadays, we really miss you, when you coming to pondicherry, i heard many news regarding you, how you done your exam, well you can ask finacial help, we are ready to do that via post.

How’s your hostel accommodation and other stuffs which going around you. its seems you enjoying over there.

Just to say, you just work hard in your education as well as built some talent which help you go higher and higher in your life and you can easily built a success in your life.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name).

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