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Sample Letter To a Married Daughter/Son

Sample letter to a married Daughter/Son

Points should be remembered:

Expression new stuffs.

Expecting something from Daughter and son.

Try  to adjust in your family matter, after all, its your family.

Something saying like – we lucky to have son/daughter like you in my life.

Asking about there children.

Asking about jobs.

Delighted to learn.

Asking about Job promotion.

Receiving invitation which we are looking for coming over there and enjoying with you and yes with children.

Sample letter to a married  to daughter and son :

Hi son/daughter,

I am so happy that you invited me for getting promotion in job in Accenture private limited company. I wish you all the best and success in your life.

How is your husband/wife,  hope everything going on fine, i wish and pray for you both go with each other in well manner. And try to avoid misunderstanding between (wife/Husband), Misunderstanding make you break you, so try to learn avoid those stuff and come in your life success, and try to adjust your new family members, you will learn so quickly and i hope you will understand everyone in your new family.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name).

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