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Sample Business Letter Format For Quotation

Sample Business letter format for Quotation

Addresser Name
Addresser Address


Addressee Name
Addressee Address


Dear ___________,


We are very grateful for your concern our company name for the tender which going to held next month in Pondicherry,

Your request of 5000 computers with the specifications as you mentioned will come around nearly 27 thousand rupees per computer. But we fix the price amount of Rs. 23000/- per computer.

Though we quote minimum amount of price do not think our product will be defective and our service will not be satisfactory.

We promise you our product quality will never depend on the quantity and the price. We always think our customers are our first products.

So we request you to consider our quotation also.

We are waiting for your valuable orders.


Thank you for your invaluable support,

Addressee name and signature

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