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Sample Acceptance Letter To a Candidate

Sample Acceptance Letter to a Candidate:

Sample Acceptance Letter to a Candidate

Dear Cruise,

I was very much happy about to meet you on 14th of last month. Just now I have revised your CV and I come to know that you have strong skills and working experience in your field. Even from the first meeting, I was able to come to know that you have such a knowledge about the field and same likely them you are precisely improving it. You like to improvise yourself in all aspects that we know very well and accordingly we can able to filter you from lots of students. It is not so easy about to spot one student among others, but we did it because you have such a knowledge and attitude also. We are delighted to appoint you in Sales Manager position and we can even promote you if you can really improve your skills in versatile areas. We want to appoint a candidate who has strong exposure and skills, at the same time we will never compromise candidate’s qualification so you are so strong in all aspects which are the major reason that we have spotted you for this specific position. We know working as a sales manager is not so easy and you need to take lots of responsibilities which will be hard enough for a fresh candidate and so we like to select highly experienced person for this position and we have spotted that you have a strong experience of 7+ years. We have also spotted that you were worked in Singapore and Malaysia. We invite people those who are working even in foreign countries.

We have evaluated your CV since several weeks and we have found that you have excellence skill set, educational qualification and working experience in related field. All these three are important for us to choose a candidate and to spot them as suitable in filling in related jobs and so we have chosen you for the related position. We can ensure that we can offer you all sorts of benefits needed for the Sales Executive Position. You can have company vehicles and mobile phone facilities. We will also offer a bonus for you and incentive will be declared to you based on your sales percentage.


Mr. Dennis Lone,

General Manager,

Benjamin Infotech,

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