Resignation Letter Format Due to Work Stress

Resignation letter format due to Work Stress

Points to remember:

Declaring your resignation.

The reason behind your resignation.

Requesting to accept your resignation.

Sample Resignation letter format due to Work Stress

Dear sir /madam,

Subject- resigning the post due to work stress-regarding.

I announce my official resignation from the post of Assistant Engineer of Elecricity Dept pudhucherry. The reason behind my resignation is due to the work stress given to me. Because of this THAANE storm many places has been affected. But when clearing it one by one the dept is not even to allow doing it in a good and efficient manner. I feel much stress because of this.  So I have decided to resign this job. So I request you to accept my resignation letter. I thank all who work with me and were encouraging me to do my work in an efficient and full-fledged manner. They were really helpful to carryon my job in all the ways and a very special thanks I dedicate for them.

Thank you,



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