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Resignation Letter Format Due To Frustration

Resignation letter format due to Frustration

Points to remember:

Declaring your resignation.

Reason for your resignation.

Request to accept your resignation

Sample Resignation letter format due to Frustration

Dear sir /madam,

Subject- resigning the job due to frustration- regarding.

I hereby declare our official resignation from the Technical person of this company. The reason behind our resignation is the workload given to me. I would like to get your notice that for the past one month I had a work continuously 18hrs a day on an average. This made my mind very much frustrated. The frustration made had created a negative energy on this work. Day by day my load was been increased with the same scale of salary. Regarding this, I have made complaints many times. But yet there is no response.  So we request you to accept my resignation letter and relieve me.

Thank you,



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