Resignation Letter Format Due to Family Problem 038 Issues

Resignation letter format for Due to Family problem & Issues

Points to remember:

Convey the promotion of your daughter.

Convey her wish.

Request to accept your resignation.

Sample Resignation letter format for Due to Family problem & Issues

Respected sir / madam,

Subject- resigning the post of head clerk- regarding

I am glad to inform that my daughter who works as an Assistant Manager in Polaris, Chennai got promotion. Now he has been promoted as General Manager of the same company. Unfortunately, along with his promotion he has also been transferred to Kolkata. Since she is a girl she is afraid of going to new place but since she likes the job very much she could not ignore the offer. So as a father I have decided to move on my family there to Kolkata for my daughter. So I hereby declare my resignation from the posting head clerk. Thank you one and all who have co operated with me to lead my position in a grateful manner.

Thank you,



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