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Resignation Letter Format Due To Depression

Resignation letter format due to Depression

Points to remember:

Report your resignation.

Convey your reason.

Request to accept your resignation.

Sample Resignation letter format due to Depression

Dear sir / madam,

Subject- resigning the job of Supervisor of L&T Pvt Ltd- regarding.

Please accept this letter as a notice of my resignation and this will be effective in two from the date mentioned above. I repent for resigning my designation of Supervisor of Engineering section in L&T Pvt Ltd. Due to the night shift that was offered by the company, I have been suffering from sleeping deprivation. Because of that I could not concentrate on my work that was allotted for me. So I have decided to move on from this good office. So I request you to condone me for my decision and accept my resignation from this designation.

I thank all my co-workers who have cooperated with me for doing my work sincerely with dedication. I regret once again for resigning my designation.

Thank you,



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