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Resignation Letter Format Due To Compensation

Resignation letter format due to Compensation

Points to remember:

Report your resignation.

Convey your reason.

Request to accept your resignation.

Sample Resignation letter format due to Compensation

Respected sir / madam,

Subject- resigning the post of Driver due to low compensation- regarding.

I hereby declare my resignation as a Driver of this TCS cab. As you already know that this cab has been met into accident last week and fortunately except me I can be able to make others safe. Because of this accident I was been admitted in bed and my leg has been broken. But since as doctor said I can be able to get back to my work by next week am allowed to run the cab again. But the compensation that you have provided for me for this accident is just Rs. 5000/-. Because of this low amount it will not be enough even for hospital bill. So I have decided to resign this job.

So please accept my resignation letter.

Thank you,



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