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Resignation Letter Format Due To Break

Resignation letter format due to Break

Points to remember:

Declaring your resignation.

Reason for your resignation.

Request to accept your resignation

Sample Resignation letter format due to Break

Dear sir / madam,

Subject- resigning the job due to break- regarding.

I regret to resign the job of Assistant system trainee of TCS. Because of the accident that happened last year I could not continue the job here. So I have taken a long leave for one year. But since my health condition didn’t get back normal I could not come and join in my designation. Doctors advised me to take rest for one more year since it is a major accident. Since the long leave scheme cannot be extended for one more year am in a position to resign my job. So I request you to accept this notice as my resignation letter.

I thank one and all who were being kind to me when I work here.

Thank you,



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