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Resignation Letter Format Due To Better Opportunity

Resignation letter format due to Better Opportunity

Points to remember:

Declaring your resignation.

Reason for your resignation.

Request to accept your resignation

Sample Resignation letter format due to Better Opportunity

Respected sir / madam,

Subject- Resignation of my post “Music Teacher” – Regarding.

I hereby regret to inform that am going to resign my job that am exploiting as Music Teacher in VOC govt Hr Sec School because of my grade of teaching has been arose since I’ve cleared NET examination. Now am resigning my job considering my future life plan as a lecturer in a reputed institution. I will be grateful if I get the job am seeking in any of the colleges under this group of institution.  I thank you and the principal of this educational institution for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work in this institution and really they have helped me to shine in my teaching gestures and provided me an experience in the field of Teaching. I thank all my colleagues who have guided me by all the way means. I request you once again to consider about my obligation mentioned above.

Thanking you,

Your sincerely,


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