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Resignation Letter Format Due To Assistant Manager

Resignation letter format due to Assistant Manager

Points to remember:

Declaring your resignation.

The reason behind your resignation.

Requesting to accept your resignation.

Sample Resignation letter format due to Assistant Manager

Dear sir /madam,

Subject- resigning the post due to assistant manager- regarding.

I hereby declare my official resignation from the post of Cashier Indian Bank. The reason for my resignation is the conflict with the assistant manager. Regarding some internal issue within the bank, I supported one of my clients. But my assistant manager is not ready to accept my point and indirectly insisted me to resign my job. So as per his request I declare my resignation and I thank all who work with me and were encouraging me to do my work in an efficient and full-fledged manner. They were really helpful to carry on my job in all the ways and a very special thanks, I dedicate for them.

Thank you,



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