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Welcome Letters

Sample Welcome Letter To a Colleague

Sample Welcome letter to a Colleague Dear Mrs. Rani, I welcome you to our company __________(company name). I am happy that you will adjoin with me as one of our team members. I know all about your excitements to work in this company and I assure this will give you long success. I have heard […]

Sample Welcome Letter To a New Client

Sample Welcome letter to a New Client Dear Mr. Prabhu Nepal, We are pleased to welcome you to our company________ (company name). We already aware all about your firm’s reputation and we are regardful on that ever since. To meet growth, we wish to have tie-up with your grand company and we are happy that […]

Sample Welcome Letter To Business Visitor

Sample Welcome letter to Business Visitor Dear Mr. Anil, On behalf of your interest made on our company deal, we want to invite you to visit our manufacturing company located in _____(area name). Generally we don’t arrange any visits and we have a good name in the market so business visits are not required for […]

Sample Welcome Letter To Business Meeting

Sample Welcome letter to Business Meeting Dear Mr. Sharuk, We would like to invite you for our company delicates meeting which will be held on forthcoming Thursday and we have arranged a Gala Meeting not only for our board members and also for the delicates belonging to our firm. We wish you to attend the […]

Welcome Letter To Bank Customer

Welcome letter to Bank Customer Dear Mr. XXX (Account Holder Name), This is a formal letter to invite you as new customer to our Bank _______ (Bank name). We are very happy that you made an account in our bank to your firm. We are highly dependent on our clients, as we have only genuine […]

Sample Welcome Letter To Baby

Sample Welcome letter to Baby Dear Sweety, Hope you fine my dear sweetheart. This week I will be coming to Washington to meet you. While coming, I will bring gifts and toys. Firstly I should say sorry that I missed you to met last week. Of course I had planned last week to meet you […]

Sample Welcome Letter To Basketball Parents

Sample Welcome letter to Basketball Parents Dear Parents, I am Martin Zuckerberg coach of Berth’s 5th Basketball Team and I welcome you all for the new team inauguration. The program of 5th Basketball Team inauguration will be held this month and we would like to invite you to join along with us to give strength […]

Sample Welcome Letter To Baseball Parents

Sample Welcome letter to Baseball Parents Dear Parents, This is Thomas coach of 8th annual Baseball of New York City. We recruit people those who eligible for this game. We already tested student’s ability and only after such evaluation, we are planned to select only few people. I am glad to inform that your son […]

Sample Welcome Letter To a Board Member

Sample Welcome letter to a Board Member Sub:Welcome letter to a Board Member Dear Mr.Myke, I would like to thank you for agreeing to serve for our Organization LNT Ltd as one of Board members. We are glad that you will take up in-charge for all responsibilities of Human Research Department of our company from coming 12th […]

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