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Sample Complaint Letter For Lost Luggage

Complaint to railway about lost luggage Point should be remembered: Complaint regarding missing article. Elaborate your lost article and luggage. Stressing an early tracing of lost luggage. Sample Complaint letter to railway about lost luggage Respected sir/madam, This is to report lost of luggage from Chennai to New Delhi (Grand Truck express) station on august […]

Sample Complaint Letter For Defective Product & Goods

Complaint about defective Goods: Point should be remembered: Write about defective goods/article. Tell more about defective goods. Ask for replacement. Sample letter Complaint about defective Goods: Respected sir/madam, I brought refrigerator from your agent about 1 year back and the problem is not sufficient cool. I feel that the cooling area is not functioning properly.  […]

Complaint Letter Against Postman – Post Office

Complaint against postman’s carelessness Point should be remembered: Elaborate your complaint Urge for proper attention After completing the letter just ends with thanks. Sample letter complaint against postman’s carelessness Respected sir/madam, This letter is to complain against the carelessness of the postman, For past few days we receiving lost of letters, the postman should identify […]

Sample Complaint Letter For Over-billing Power & Phone

Complaint letter for overbilling of power/phone Point should be remembered: Start letter with complaint regarding over billing. Talk about main matter. Urge for rectification for over billing Sample letter complaint for overbilling of power and phone: Respected sir/madam, After receiving bill, I quite surprised due to over bill. For past one month I was out […]

Complaint Letter Against Pavement Encroachment

Complaint letter against Pavement Encroachment Points should be remember : Bring the complaint to notice. suggest remedial. Request for redressing. Express thanks. Sample Complaint letter against Pavement Encroachment Respected Sir/madam, This is complaint about encroachment of the shop owner next to my house. The check force must remove over their such unauthorised may be asked to vigilant. […]

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