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Business Letter Format For College

Business letter format for College

Addresser Name
Addresser Address


Addressee Name
Addressee Address


Dear sir / madam,

This letter is should be considered as a request letter to pay the final payment for the services that was made by our employees for repairing all your laboratory computer system.

Initially it was coded as Rs 1000/- per system and 50000 rupees has been paid by you as initial payment for 100 systems. Our technicians have come there and serviced all the systems well and now we hope that all the systems will work in good conditions. If there any flaws in it we will give you a month time and please report us the flaws.

Regarding the payment you have a pending amount of the final payment 50000 rupees. We kindly request you to sanction the amount as soon as possible.

Thank you for your invaluable support,


Addressee name and signature

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