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How to Write a Sample letter

Business Letter Format For CC And Enclosure

Business letter format for CC and Enclosure

Addresser Name
Addresser Address


Addressee Name
Addressee Address


Dear sir / madam,

This is the letter that has been considered as cover letter for my resume that has been enclosed with it. This letter will give you a brief introductory about me and to explore my advantages over other people who apply for the same post.

I have been awarded 2 times “The best publisher” in the world famous Science Direct journal. This is the letter that makes my introductory well and the level of my teaching will be established just by this letter and I thank you for accepting my resume.

This letter I have been sent to the Dean of the university and the Section officer of Recruitment cell and for Vice chancellor of this university.


Thank you for your invaluable support,


Addressee name and signature


Enclosure: Resume


CC: [Name of Copy]

[Name of Copy]

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