Application Letter to Open a New Bank Account

Sample Application letter to open a new bank account

Dear sir / madam,

Subject: Requesting to accept my application letter for opening a new bank account – Regarding.

This letter is considered to be an application letter for opening a new bank account in your esteemed bank. The nature of the bank account should be the individual personal savings bank account.

First of all I would like to thank the bank manager for making the announcement of the free ATM card facility for the people who start a new individual savings bank account in your branch. It had encouraged many of the middle class people to open a new bank account in their name. The minimum deposit for opening an account is also drafted as low as possible to welcome the middle class persons like me to open savings bank account.

I am an employee working in a public sector corporation as a Lower Divisional Clerk. I decided to open an account since the new ATM card will be issued at the time of opening an account. So I request you to provide me a new bank account along with ATM card as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Yours Sincere,


Points to remember:

Convey for what this letter is meant for.

Convey your gratefulness for the eligibility criteria.

Convey your experience / your educational qualification.

Convey your expectation for this application letter.

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