Application Letter Format For New Gas Connection

Sample Application letter format for new gas connection

Dear sir / madam,

Subject: Requesting to accept my application letter for new gas connection – Regarding.

This letter is considered to be an application letter for new gas connection that is needed for my family which we have migrated just a week before.

As a customer for several years in your gas agency, our neighbourhood friend suggested me to get the gas connection from your gas agency. The reason is the least time for delivering the refill gas once it is booked in the Interactive Voice Response System via the telephone. As mentioned in my details, we are a family with four members. But suddenly some of my relatives have visited my home yesterday. Lack of gas connection brings problem in a variety of ways to me. So I kindly request you to provide me the gas connection at the earliest possible time.

Thank you,

Yours Sincere,


Points to remember:Application letter format for new gas connection

Convey for what this letter is meant for.

Convey your gratefulness for the eligibility criteria.

Convey your experience / your educational qualification.

Convey your expectation for this application letter.

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