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Application Letter Format For Closing Bank Account

Sample Application letter format for closing bank account

Sub: Closure of Bank Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is XYZ and my account number is 123456. I am holding this account for past 7 years in this particular branch of your bank.

Hope you identified me; yes I am the customer who had a very bad experience with your branch last month. I took a different scheme of deposit account where I was supposed to receive a bonus interest of Rs.2000/- provided if no withdrawals are made and with depositing of Rs.150000/- every month. This was highly profitable for me hence I chose this deposit and started depositing in this scheme till two months back. Though I confirmed the bonus is been deposited in my account in the starting few months, over a period of time, trusting you I didn’t confirmed the deposit every month. But only before two months when I checked my account, I came to know that such bonus was not credited to my account after 3 months of inception of this scheme. When I tried to get an explanation about this issue I was given a blunt answer that they would provide it as soon as possible and that too without any written statement, which I asked many times but the officers denied. Hence I was forced to approach Bank Ombudsman for this issue provided them with all the documental proof of the details of the deposit scheme and the deposits made by me, who in turn investigated it and found the truth being in my part. As a result, they sued the bank for the fraudulent activity where the bank accepted to pay the pending bonus within one month.

Now that I have received all my pending bonuses and with reference to the bad experience of me getting cheated by your wrong service, I am forced to close my bank account with you. The details are below

Please close my/our aforementioned account with your ____________ branch.

Please find enclosed herewith Debit Card Number _________________________.

Please find enclosed unused cheque nos.______________ to _______________.

I confirm having destroyed my Debit Card & unused cheque nos. ______________ to _______________. No cheque leaves have been issued by me after this.

Further the balance amount may be refunded by way of

NEFT/RTGS to my account in Bank Name __________________________________________________, Branch

Name/Location___________________, Account Number _____________________________, IFS Code ______________

Or Pay Order or DD payable at ______________________ . Also I authorize you to cancel any standing instructions linked to this account.

Thank you,

Yours Sincere,


Points to remember:Application letter format for closing bank account

Convey for what this letter is meant for.

Convey your gratefulness for the eligibility criteria.

Convey your experience / your educational qualification.

Convey your expectation for this application letter.

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