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Application Letter Format For Bank Statement

Sample Application letter format for bank statement

Requesting Bank Statement 

Date: _______________

Place: _______________



Dear Sir orMadam,

My name is XYZ and I am holding a savings Bank account with your branch for past 6 years. My account number is 123456 and this is the account in which I receive my salary every month for past 6 years.

In these many years I have not experienced any kind of such mismatching of amount in my accounts. Hence I became suspicious of some fraudulent activity with my account. When I approached the bank in person and enquired about this, I was shocked when they said that from the month of May my account is being deducted with the sum of ten thousand every month and I am unaware of this. As I do not use the facilities and hence did not got even registered with the services like online banking, SMS banking or even cheque books to make any payments. In addition to this I don’t even have any personal loan, housing loan and even a credit card connected to this account. I use my debit card hardly once in a month to withdraw money I needed for that particular month. With this being by habit I was sure that there is no way that my money would be filtered out, hence I didn’t even think of checking the account every month. But now it is about four months that my account is been deducted ten thousand every month. Since this money is been deducted from my account without my knowledge I am forced to complaint about the fraudulent occurred with my account.

Therefore I request you to provide me with proper statement of my bank account furnishing the details of all the disputed transactions with the evidence that they were verified by the chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Kindly do not take into personal as this could have occurred because of my carelessness too. Hence I request you to send me the detailed statement from the month of February to August, to my address as given in the bank account. If there is any service charge applicable for this service, I kindly request you to deduct the same from my account and do the needful as soon as possible as next month is about to come. In case if you have any clarifications or any queries regarding this issue, feel free to contact me at 2345678901.

Points to remember:Application letter format for bank statement

Convey for what this letter is meant for.

Convey your gratefulness for the eligibility criteria.

Convey your experience / your educational qualification.

Convey your expectation for this application letter.

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