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Application Letter Format For Any Position

Sample Application Letter Format for Any Position

Application for any Position





Sub: Applying for any position

Dear Madam,

I have been informed by my senior Mr.XYZ that you are opening a new boutique in the coming months. Hence I would like to apply for any position in your esteemed organization in which I could make use of my skills and experience in designing and patterning.

I am a junior for you in the ABC College, and 2009 pass out. For the past four years I have been working in the same industry and have gained better knowledge and experience in designing and patterning. Being worked with a reputed and large company, my exposure to the industry has also increased. I have been instrumental in providing design solutions to various needs of the customers to our company ranging from sports wears, T-shirts and uniforms. I was then promoted to become in charge of the whole section from its production, quality control and dispatch. Analyzing various processes involved in the production, I have created and changed few standard procedures to be followed by the workers which resulted in higher efficiency with lesser time. In quality control I have been in continuous rapport with the suppliers to communicate them the exact requirements, with all specifications of the raw materials, until the confirmation that they understood the same. During the process of production I have geared my quality control team to ensure the quality in each and every process of production and hence resulting in low or zero rejections at the end. Understanding the importance of packing and presenting the goods in professional way which would lead in creating a good impression of the company, special care and attention is given in packing the goods before dispatching them. To ensure this few employees are provided with training for performing the task on my advice.

Equipped with the above said qualifications and experience, I would like to serve in your organization as I am shifting my residence to my native for personal reasons. I am confident with my experience that I can perform any task efficiently. Hence I request you to consider my candidature for any such position in your organization that would match my background and career goals.

To facilitate my selection I am attaching my detailed resume along with this application letter for your perusal. Would you require me in person for a personal interview, kindly let me know in prior. I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank You,

Most Sincerely,                                                                                                                         _______________.

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