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Application Letter Format For Address Change

Sample Application letter format for address change

Sub: Change of address

Dear Sir/Madam,

Despite the fact that I have met a very serious issue due to this address change delay, I am writing this letter to inform you freshly again that I have lately shifted for a new residence which would be my permanent address in the future.

The issue being that I have informed the bank about by new address several times last month even before I did the shifting through contacting the customer care and updating online through internet banking. Believing the address change have effected I applied for a credit card from this bank itself. After few days of applying, I received a message that my application for a credit card got approved and it would be delivered shortly to my address. It has been weeks that I got the message still I did not received by credit card, so I was forced to visit the branch where I was informed that my card has been delivered one week back. By this information I was shocked and checked with my family members if they have received it or not. The reply was no. I was wondering what would have gone wrong and hence I asked with the bank for the delivery details, where I came to know that the card have been delivered to my old address. With this information I enquired to my past house owner if he have any of such letter or card, who was unaware of these things as he does not reside in the aforesaid place. Due to this I was forced to visit the old house in person and check for the same. Luckily one of my neighbours have received the delivery of the card as she was unaware of what is that, she was stuck up with the problem that she did not had my contact details. Hence the time I reached and enquired she handed over the card to me. Thus until the whole thing got over I was left out with pressure and tension, which all happened with mere delay of address change from the bank side.

Though this is the only awful experience I had with this bank, I cannot deny all the other best experiences I had with you. So I kindly request you to do the needful to make the new address to be reflected in your records as soon as possible. My account details are given below.

Account Name: _______________.

Account Number: _______________.

New Address: _______________.

Old Address: _______________.

Thank you,

Yours Sincere,


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