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Application Letter For Dental Assistant

Application Letter for Dental Assistant

Applying for Dental assistant

Sub: Post of Dental Assistant

Dear Hiring Manager,

With reference to your advertisement in the XYZ Daily, I am applying for the post of Dental Assistant in your organization, in which I can utilize my 6 years experience in complete patient care in dentistry.

I have been working for ABC organization for past 3 years, prior to which I was serving for DEF clinic at my native. Where in DEF clinic I have gained experience and thorough knowledge of the processes and patient processing procedures and in ABC organization in addition to the utilization of my previous experience and the amount of freedom given to me have made me create and organize various awareness programs which became highly commendable by the public as a valuable social responsible activity by the organization. One among them is a program on awareness about disordered eating behaviors, which is the hidden reason for various health issues and dental issues among the people worldwide especially among the adolescent and adult women. The program aimed in motivating people to do early detection, referral and hence take essential treatment well before the severity and problem increases. Such initiatives taken by me along with providing the services of taking Ortho X-rays, coronal polishing, placing amalgam, help administer and monitor nitrous oxide, place restorative material for Class I, V, and V1 preparations; air-polish crowns and other basic supportive procedures etc. have proved highly profitable to the organization, due to which I was given good compensation with a promotion.

Hence with solid experience and education in supportive procedures, acute patient care, customer relationship and public relations, I am prepared to contribute to your team and work for the success of the organization. The following are the highlights of my qualifications

  • DANB Certified for X-Rays, Direct supervision, approved course and hold a NJ Dental Radiologic License
  • Hold current CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Good understanding of OSHA regulations and compliance

Various programs and other achievements in my career are well explained in my resume which is attached along with this application for your perusal. Would you require me in person for a personal interview, kindly let me know in prior by contacting me by mail or through phone, my mobile number being 1234567891. I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                                         _______________.

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