Application Letter For a Job in a Bank

Sample Application letter for a job in a bank

Dear sir / madam,

Subject: Requesting to accept my application letter for the job in a bank- Regarding.

This letter is considered to be an application letter for the job in a bank as a cashier with 4 years of experience in any other bank as cashier. First of all I would like to thank the company Recruitment officer’s for allowing me to send my application for the job that you are offering. Sir, I have an experience of working as a cashier in a bank for the past 4 years without any conflicts between any of the persons in the bank. I’ll be very kind to all the customers while answering to. Its my nature actually and now I request you to accept my application and response a better result.

Thank you,

Yours Sincere,


Points to remember:Application letter for a job in a bank

Convey for what this letter is meant for.

Convey your gratefulness for the eligibility criteria.

Convey your experience / your educational qualification.

Convey your expectation for this application letter.

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