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Apology Letter To Irate Customer

Sample apology letter to irate customer

Dear sir/ madam,

Subject: requesting to accept my apology to irate customer– regarding.

This is the letter to convey my apology to irate customer for making him to get anger and irritate him because of our late delivery. First of all I should regret for my behaviour and I regret for it in a very precise manner. Due to continuous public holidays we could not able to deliver the product in time. But for that you have called to our centre and scolded our employees on a bad manner. We know your difficulty but please think of our situation too. I am not supposed to stop with a sorry and that will never be equal to my action. But I don’t have anything else other than sorry. I really feel worse even to come to you. That’s why I made this letter and this will convey you my worse feel. All I need is just give me one more chance to continue to work and I request you to accept my apology.

Thank you,

Yours good,


Points to remember: Sample apology letter to irate customer

Regret for your behaviour.

Promise that this will not happen again.

Request to accept your apology.

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