Apology Letter to Cancel Event

sample apology letter to cancel event

Dear sir/ madam,

Subject: requesting to accept my apology to cancel an event – regarding.

This is the letter to convey my apology for cancelling the event that has been scheduled in our office for get together. First of all I should regret for my behaviour and I regret for it in a very precise manner. Actually we have planned to conduct the events forget together on coming Monday. But due to unavailability of space we are in a position to cancel the events. I hope you could understand my position. I promise you that I will not let this to happen one more time. Please accept my apology and allow me to get back to my work. And am sure this would be my last apology that am asking.

Though my actions are mistake I request you to apologise me once and provide me the job again to prove myself.

Points to remember:apology letter to cancel event

Regret for your behaviour.

Promise that this will not happen again.

Request to accept your apology.

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