Apology Letter to Business Client

Sample Apology Letter to Business Client

Dear sir/ madam,

Subject: requesting to accept my apology to business client – regarding.

This is the letter to convey my apology to business client for the delay in delivery of the goods that you have ordered. First of all I should regret for my behaviour and I regret for it in a very precise manner. You have ordered goods for 3 lakhs of price and the final instalment also paid by you. But due to shortage of employees we could not finish your order. I request you to condone us for our actions and accept our apologies. This is the first time things going in wrong manner and we feel for it in a wide range of manner. We didn’t expect this will be the thing that we will face. We request you to accept our apologies.

. We also request you to give one more week as a grace period for delivering the goods.

Thank you

Points to remember : Apology Letter to Business Client

Regret for your behaviour.

Promise that this will not happen again.

Request to accept your apology.

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