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Apology Letter To a Client

Sample Apology Letter to a Client

Points to remember:

Regret for your behaviour.

Promise that this will not happen again.

Request to accept your apology.

Apology Letter to a Client

Dear sir / madam,

Subject: requesting to accept my apology for delay in software delivery – regarding.

First of all we are sorry for our delay in delivering the software. Actually by this time we have to deliver the software to you. But due to some technical reasons and the prediction of the duration to complete this project has been made a little shortage of time. And due to that the completion of the project was little bit extended to next week. We would like to accept your apology and give us one more week of time so that we could able to deliver the product in full-fledged manner. We also would like to convey that the project is in testing pace. This will give you the hope on us.

Thank you,

Yours good,


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