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Acceptance Letter Sample To An Invitation

Sample Acceptance Letter Sample To An Invitation:

Acceptance Letter Sample To An Invitation


Dear Ms. Jennifer,

This is a formal acceptance letter for the invitation of a business venture between our companies. I have seen your email and checked thoroughly. I have checked based on different aspects and I like to consider the business partnership between both of our companies. I am feeling glad about this venture since I have heard about your company very well. We have lots of details available in official websites and we are also happy about that you have sent your company’s complete scenario via email. We don’t have ways to express this scenario and so we are considering sending this acceptance letter via email. We are writing this letter and sending you after confirmation with our board members. We have a team of organizers who will organize a business meeting for both of our companies and we wish you to participate in this meeting so that we can consult more about our business venture. We and other board members were consulted about this venture and decided this kind of formal communication or business meeting must be arranged once in a week. Accordingly we are viable to arrange further proceedings which are mandatory for the business engagements. We are happy for your proposal and we are Ok with rates that you have quoted.

Once you have collected this acceptance letter, we are inviting your reply email so that we can proceed furthermore operations. We have needed some details for the acceptance of party. If you have sent this valid information, we can process necessary matters needed for the business venture. By writing this letter, we like to convey that we are duly happy about this business venture. We have enclosed our company’s norms and instructions here within this email. Kindly verify this email and refer for furthermore regarding. We want you to meet your board members. If you arrange a proper business meeting with our company, that will be fine for us to go ahead. We wish we can have board meetings on coming March 15th and will have detailed demo from senior people in the company.

Thank you once again for the business agreement.

Yours truly,

Marry Brown

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