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Acceptance Letter Sample Request For Proposal

Sample Acceptance Letter Sample Request for Proposal:

Acceptance Letter Sample Request for Proposal

Dear Mr. Jonathan,

We are very happy and pleased to convey that your proposal for our company has been approved and we are highly eager in developing an extension of our existing firm for the business collaboration. This will be held within another 2 years and accordingly we are planning to promote our company products. We have actually shortlisted your business proposal after the proper verification of several more which we have verified. We know that you are wishing to offer better proposal only for our company since you have better opinions about our company. As per company’s norms and regulations, we are able to know that only your company’s proposal can be suitable in all aspects and so we have considered your business proposal. We are keen towards the quality of products. Especially while we import raw materials which are required for our business products and production, we welcome only high-quality products. As per your company plans, we can estimate that you are prone to quote reasonable prices. We have verified costs of outside and we had a comparison with your firm that is why we have chosen your company’s business proposal.

As per the board meeting held on February 12, we are viable to choose your company for tie up and we know you will continue the same forever in forthcoming days. We are aware that your company maintains good will and you have positive opinions from your clients also. As per this, we are able to process the proposal that you have offered. We are highly interested in having ventured between your firm and we like to put interest in developing furthermore proposals in upcoming days. Our entire company is eager to work with your firm. We always like to have smooth relationship with our clients and in such a way we invite your firm to work for our wellbeing. For this satisfactory collaboration, we want your co-operation within our business proposal and we don’t like to strict the terms and conditions. We like you to do payment before last dates as an advance and hence we like you to send your company’s account information and further details necessary.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


JenRoe Co Ltd

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