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Acceptance Letter Format For Training

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Training:

Acceptance Letter Format for Training



Subject: This is an acceptance letter format for training

Dear Sandra,

We wish you to receipt this acceptance letter which we are sending for you to get training from your educational center. This is the reference letter and we are sending you with the consideration of your previous letter which you have sent previously on February 05th. As we have studied completely and consulted with our head of institution, we are able to help you in getting training from your educational institution. We want you to get training by bring the application letter that you have sent to our academy and you need to bring the letter while you are coming for joining. We have various courses available and you can select any one from available courses and accordingly you will be able to get training from our training institution. We want our applicants should come up with several important documents which we will verify and take it into our consideration. We want to offer training programmes for various available courses and we help applicants to get training materials, course prospectus and other proper materials from our institution. We are also interested in giving trainees proper training on different regards as per their expectations. We will be conducting an initial test to select candidates to give training and for the initial or entry level test, we will be furnishing question paper models and further details. With these details, anyone will be able to undertake proper coaching from our training academy. We will be announcing question paper pattern and other information on official websites which you can collect easily. Since we like to give training in better quality, we never compromise students in any aspect. We wish you to co-operate in all aspects of training programmes. We will be coming with tests at last and you will have to co-operate for that and that will be announced officially to all interested students. Only after the test, students will be evaluated and marks will be awarded, accordingly certificates are given to eligible students. We maintain a defined system which must be followed by all students.

Congratulations once again for the training program!



Chief Secretary,

Marine Educational Training Center

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