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Acceptance Letter Format For Tender

Sample Acceptance letter format for Tender:

Acceptance letter format for Tender

Subject: This is the acceptance letter format for Tender

Dear Charles,

This is James and I am writing this acceptance letter on behalf of our company Armor Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are very happy and immensely pleasure about telling you that your tender proposal has been approved and accepted by our company. We have good and positive opinion about your firm and so we are very glad about your firm’s reputation and we want you to accept the proposal that we got for our company. This is the acceptance letter which we are sending the reply letter for your tender proposal. We are duly aware that your firm has very good reputation and good will which is considered as the strength if we accept the tender that you have quoted.

We have received email on last month 12th and we have gone through the email fully. We have considered your tender proposal into consideration and we have put it into the further discussion as per complete working conditions and terms of your company. In that way, we seek more proposals in different quotes from you and we are planning for a new set up as per working conditions. We are going to build a new branch nearby to our existing firm and we are planning to accept this tender proposal for our new branch and we hope that will affect your decision which you have made.

We seek a better date from you to bring a new set up as per discussion that we made. We were already had a meeting between concerned departments of all companies. We are highly interested in bringing you more legal documents during meeting sessions which we are planning to have in upcoming dates and both companies can decide and take better decisions which will be the best opportunity for us to go ahead with further plans. We have several formalities in our side which we have to complete before the new branch inauguration. Since we are being busy with the new branch inauguration function, we want you to wait for some times and accordingly we will plan for completion of pending formalities and then we will mail you further aspects once they have been resolved. We want you to send us an email for further inquiries and clarifications.

Yours Truly,

Maria James,

ABC Pvt. Ltd

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