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Acceptance Letter Format For Resignation

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Resignation:

Acceptance Letter Format for Resignation


Dear George,

This is the reference letter which I am sending you for accepting the resignation from your designation and we are accepting your resignation letter since you have requested for resignation since several months. We have received your resignation letter effective on March 05 and we want to grant you resignation from this post as per your request. We want you to perform kindly as per general standards of the company. We have checked your remaining duration in your employment and so we want you to perform well during remaining period. We have also verified that you have done better in your post. We like to encourage the same and continue it forever. We wish your co-ordination till you training next person who will is going to join in your post. Please help us getting your co-operation. We want your full support for the company through you will be quit. It is being a great pleasure to work with you and we are delightful that we had a wonderful experience with you. We know that you are relieving only for the reason that you are not fine and you will need to be under medical treatments. Since this is the valid reason, we are just leaving you to relieve. We are not interested in losing our valuable employee from our company.

Herewith we are also very happy to announce that you respect all norms of our company and you respect company’s further norms carefully ever. Likewise, you give proper care in all firm-related activities and so we are extremely happy for that. We want you to perform in the best way and you can join whenever you wish though you are relieving now. We like to open opportunities always for you and we like to appreciate you in availing better opportunities available for you. We hope you will use all preferences available here and we are preparing all important documents from our side so that you can collect everything for your sake. We will deposit your salary in your Bank account and you can collect before the month end.

Yours Truly,

George Williams,

Head of the Department

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