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Acceptance Letter Format For Purchase Order

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Purchase Order:

Acceptance Letter Format for Purchase Order

Subject: Acceptance Letter for Purchase order

Dear Mr. George,

This is a formal acceptance letter from Glorious Shopping Center and we are writing this letter on behalf of confirmation for your purchase order placed on 15th February. We have received your purchase order on the same date that I have written here and this is an important email which you need to save for further procedures. Without this email, you can’t able to written your goods. This acceptance letter is mainly to acknowledge your purchase order and you need to reply for this email by sending reply email with the reference ID of Purchase along with complete product details of list of products which you have placed. As we are maintaining a brand new ship, we wish to maintain all records for our safety. We always encourage our customers to utilize our products for their safety and other purposes. We always have high quality products and we are duly responsible for any time delay and other issues related to our company products. We never compromise on quality lacking of our products and we know how to give importance to our customers and even to our products.

Thank you very much for placing order from our shop. We want you to come again and again and we are very happy and thankful. You are one of our pride customers and we will also let you know for further discounts and other claims. We will be availing you extra facilities and sometimes we will also offer gifts during festival times. This is an important acceptance letter which we are sending along with privacy policy of our unit. We are requesting you to read everything carefully so that you will be able to know about our unit’s terms and conditions and further procedures. Please feel free to ask for any of doubts and clarifications. We wish to maintain a team of customer service and they are always wanted to keep in touch for all your queries. We have given full training to our customer service team and we like to give importance to all of our customers. Please and check and collect goods based on your list.

  • 100 blue ballpoint pen packets
  • 200 black ballpoint pens packets
  • 20 blue gel black pen packets
  • 20 black gel blue pen packets
  • Children stationary boxes – 50 numbers
  • Adhesive stationary such as glue, tapes, etc.


John Abraham

Sales Head

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