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Acceptance Letter Format For Project

Sample Acceptance Letter Format for Project:

Acceptance Letter Format for Project

Dear Mrs. Henry,

This is the acceptance letter which I am sending for accepting you for the project. I am very happy to write this letter and accepting the playground project which is already sanctioned to our team of the company. We have 30+ years of experience and knowledge in the same field. We have done countless projects and utmost we have done 40+ park and other playground projects. Now we are so happy and excited towards starting this playground project on behalf of the recreational department. We have already agreed to start the construction to be opened on coming 15th of the same month of November. We can able to tell you that we can complete the project within 5 months. As you have already given 7 months, we are very happy and streamlined already. We know that we and our entire firm will help you in furthermore matters. We want your complete support on concerning further issues mainly legal related matters. We want you to monitor the legal matters because that will become a headache for anyone to handle so that we want you to put extra care on this regard, only then this is possible for anyone to overcome within scheduled deadline.

We know that several sets of processes are pending from your side and we don’t want to rush you up on these processes. Since we have huge time for making everything ready, you can make it easily by taking your own time. We should know one thing that we have so many people from our side who will be supportive in all related matters. We wanted you to prepare original documents for these processes. If possible, let us arrange a proper meeting between our firms so that we can have the better discussion on this regard which will be easy for us final discussion once things are getting ready. At last, our team will bring demo sessions for your consideration and you can make overview soon. Our entire team will support you and offer more guidance, even if you have some doubts on our project. Herewith we are sending your construction model along with floor plan structure so that you can make this use for further developments.


Mr. Silva

Aadhi Sena Construction Group

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