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Acceptance Letter Format For Cotillion

Sample Acceptance Letter Format For Cotillion:

Acceptance Letter Format For Cotillion

Dear Mr. and Mrs. James,

Thank you so much for the great wedding event of Mr and Mrs. James and I accept the greeting happily and I was so eager about attending this wedding ceremony but, unfortunately, I couldn’t able to attend the ceremony on expected date. Attending wedding ceremony is an eye treat that I know very well. I also wanted to register that this is a great and highly memorable function in everyone’s life and I don’t want to miss this occasion anymore because this is so important. I have an important board meeting on the same date which is the prime reason for me not being attending this wedding ceremony. Yet I am interested in giving my gift to the married couple so I just want to know whether you have a wedding gift registry separately. If so, I can even register my gift to this precious couple.

Sure I like to attend another ceremony or party of a married couple. I am so eager about to attend the invitation which you are planning for the next time. It can be any party or marriage reception that I wanted to attend because I like this married couple. With the interest of blessing them, I like to join and deliver my cordial wishes to this pair. I have a strong belief that this pair will make an ideal marriage life and they will bring an iconic life and they are going to be an inspiration to so many youngsters of the upcoming generation. I know there will not be any excuses for missing this kind of marriage parties, even though I have missed this chance to greet the couple. I have engaged with this meeting urgently and I couldn’t able to cancel this meeting for any cause. I have also tried to pick up over the phone, but I couldn’t. Phone lines of both of them are very busy and that was the major reason why I couldn’t inform about this before. I am sure I can attend the upcoming party or celebration to be held for this happy couple and I am very eager on that and looking forward too.

Yours Sincerely,

Jane Doe,

East Lane Street

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